BOB FRIDAY Director, Bulldog Realtors

Somewhere along my professional life narrative that counts biologist, folksinger, photographer, computer sales guy, show producer, creative director and marketing guru among its major chapters, I usually get two questions: how’s all of that stuff related and how’d you end up in the real estate biz? The answer’s really quite simple: I’ve always tried to build on the learnings of the past while gaining new knowledge from -- and enjoying -- whatever is in the present. And today, as a real estate professional, I get to use lessons from every one of those experiences nearly every day as I engage with my clients and associates in this amazing endeavor.

Real Estate is truly about connecting the dots -- be they the myriad details that make for a successful transaction or simply the shared bits and pieces of knowledge, experience and understanding that help real people make wise decisions about real estate. Word seems to be that I’m awfully good at connecting those dots! Let's talk!
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